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Amanda The Adventurer

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In the game Amanda The Adventurer you will have to solve riddles, search for objects and familiarize yourself with a rather interesting and frightening story, forgotten in deep childhood. The main character’s aunt leaves her a house and asks her to look for something in the attic. Your character decides not to delay this moment and immediately goes there.

What is waiting for you?

You find yourself in the attic on the first level. There are a lot of things there and what exactly you need to find is still unknown. At this stage you will have to search all the corners of the attic to find the right item. In addition, you will be able to find other things, both useful and just clogging up the inventory. The second part of the game involves watching a children’s show. At a certain point, you find a videotape and find out that it is exactly what your aunt asked you to find. Next, you find a VCR and proceed to watch it. There you will find a show about Amanda the traveler, which you watched earlier in your childhood. But there are many moments you don’t remember. As you watch, it becomes clear that the show in some moments was cruel and in some places not childish at all. But now you will have to take part in it directly.

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