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Gartic Phone 2

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This is such a common thing – you’re hanging out with your friends, you finally got together, and you’re completely out of ideas on what to do. In situations like that, Gartic Phone 2 will come to the rescue! You’ll instantly figure out how to play this hilarious online game and will surely have a lot of fun with it!

A new twist on the old game

The idea behind Gartic Phone 2 is simple and probably something you’re familiar with: everyone starts by coming up with a prompt for a storyboard scene. These prompts are then mixed up and given to other players in the group, who then have to draw the scene to match that prompt. Then, the drawings are passed on to other players, who then have to write their own prompt to describe the scene. This prompt is then passed on to another player to draw, and so on and so forth.

At the end, you end up with a unique story for every player, and everyone has had a hand in each story. And let me tell you, these stories can get pretty wild and crazy, in the most hilarious ways imaginable. Each player is randomly assigned what they need to draw by the game. It could be anything from a fruit to an entire building, or even human emotions and feelings. The other players have to guess what they see being drawn and type their answers into the respective text box. All of this happens within a certain time limit, during which players can write as many words as they want until they guess the correct answer. The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity and speed.

Draw, laugh, play again!

An added bonus is that you can save each story as a gif once it’s complete. And cram your computer with a whole bunch of such Gartic Phone stories to have a quick laugh and show off to your friends. Even if you’re an artist of great renown, your skills will be wasted thanks to the time constraints – and that’s a good thing! The worse the drawings, the funnier the game becomes. Fortunately, most of us are terrible artist. And let’s face it, the odds are that so are you. So why not give Gartic Phone 2 a try?

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