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Google Snake

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Google snake game is one of the variations of the classic snake game. Several changes are introduced here, both graphical and regarding the gameplay. You still control the snake in constant motion to collect fruits. With each new fruit, your size gets bigger. This makes subsequent progression more difficult, as you are left with a tail growing behind you with each new step.

What’s New.

The game offers a new look of the field, which has become more colorful and interesting. Interactive animations appeared on it, and also the view of the snake became more lively and mobile. The main change in the gameplay was a higher speed of movement. Literally from the start, the character begins to move very quickly across the field. From the player requires more concentration and better reaction. Such a change has increased the dynamics of the game. Now each attempt is much faster and more fun, because you need to be oriented to the changing situation. At the same time, you can quite cope with difficult turns in the very corner of the field and the main problem remains the ever-growing tail. At this speed, the size of the character increases quite quickly, so you will not need to go through the initial stages for a long time.

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