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The game GeoGuessr is a game with riddles on the theme of geography. Here you are required to recognize places that are given by the program. The player is shown an alley, street or highway, location anywhere in the world. You are required to recognize its location, then mark the points on the map. The closer your point will be to the desired location, the more points you will get. Adding to the usual maps of the game element is a very interesting and unique feature that brings to the gameplay realism, practical use expands the range of interests of the player.


The game gives you five locations selected by a special algorithm. These locations are shown as in three-dimensional Google maps, so they are tied to specific roads, but at the same time provide ample opportunities to move around. The special feature is that you are not given any additional information other than visual information. You can shift as you pass the road and neighboring streets. Once you are ready to answer, you have to select a point on the map where the location shown is. Naturally, it will be difficult to guess exactly, but you can provide an approximate location.

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