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Age Of War 2

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The game Age of war 2 is a strategy in which you compete with exactly one opponent, but over many centuries. Epochs of confrontation change, new types of weapons and equipment appear, there is development in other spheres, but your main goal will always remain the destruction of your enemy. The game will continue until one of the opponents defeats the other. This is a rather complicated and long process, but thanks to the right strategic approach it will be possible to do it,

How does the game work?

Both you and your opponent have your fortresses to defend. In them you can produce units to attack the enemy. It all starts from caveman times and gradually evolves, reaching more and more modern eras. You produce soldiers that are automatically sent to the enemy fortress and attack it or enemies encountered along the way. Your task is to select the soldiers in such a way that they effectively defeat the enemy’s army and destroy his fortress. The opponent will not stand still and will also launch attacks. Many battles will take place on the way to the fortresses, but also under the walls of his castle will also have to lead the defense, as the scales will not once tipped in different directions.

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