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Super Mario Bros

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The game Super mario bros is a browser version of the classic platformer, in which you as a plumber of Italian origin go to the mushroom kingdom to save the princess. You’ll encounter a variety of enemies along the way, from common shell ducks to large fire-breathing dragons. You know that the princess is in a castle, but in which one it is not clear. So you will have to go through several levels, reaching each castle and looking for the main villain there to get a chance to bring the princess home.

What is available to the player?

Players have access to a classic set of attacks in the form of jumping on the enemy’s head, hitting from below the platform with a fist, shooting fireballs. On the way to the castle you will find mushrooms, allowing you to grow and get an extra life. You can also collect flowers that unlock the main character’s fireball attack. All the secrets and secret locations are kept here, so you can fully familiarize yourself with the classics of the game industry and once again go through a familiar adventure to many people. From the player is required dexterity and diligence to overcome ever-increasing obstacles and get to the main goal.

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