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Longing for a fun online game that isn’t too complicated, can give you a good laugh and is available to play with friends? You just found it! Gartic Phone will make you remember the good old days when there were no computers and you had to do with what you had at hand – for instance, a sheet of paper and a few pens. And of course some excited buddies to play with!

A modern-day take on the game of your past

We all have played this game more than once: you are having a cheerful noisy company over, out of nowhere comes a full-size drawing board, a set of colored markers – and the fun begins! One of you whispers of a word to another, and this another tries to draw it on a sheet of paper in one minute for everyone else to guess. And you’re lucky if they do! Or another game like this: everyone lines up, the first player again whispers a word to the one next to him, that one passes what they heard to the other, and so on until the end of the line. The last player announces their version aloud, causing either bursts of laughter (whaaat, how did ‘ambulance’ suddenly become ‘mayonnaise’?), or exclamations of surprise – hell, we’re all people of good hearing and clear diction!

So, Gartic Phone is something like a mix of these two games. And it can be played online! So you don’t even need to be in the same room with your friends to have a real blast – a good internet connection is enough and preferably a tablet with a pen as well (after all, drawing by moving your finger across the screen or your mouse over the table can be rather problematic!).

Fetch your friends and let’s start drawing!

The gameplay unfolds in rooms of several. To play Gartic Phone, you must either join an existing room or create your own. There are open rooms – anyone can join them, and closed ones – for these you need a special invitation link. Once the required number of people has been reached, the game will generate a random word that will be displayed to the first player.

This player must, in a limited amount of time, draw any picture that matches that word. Artistic skills are not that important – the main thing is that the image is clear and easy to read. The goal is for the next player to guess the word at hand. Or at least have a good laugh!

Draw away at it and guess your head off!

The interface is easy to master – there are only a few functions that allow you to give the picture color and volume (if you even want to spend precious time on this). You can, for example, change the color of the brush to make it clear that green is leaves and blue is water. Or alter its thickness – very convenient when you need to draw the rain, for example. The shape of the brush also varies – in other words, Gartic Phone has everything you need for creative freedom and nothing extra, because the timer inexorably measures the remaining seconds, and you have to finish your opus before the phone rings.

This is where the real fun begins, with the next player wrecking their brains over your image. They will also have about a minute to ponder on what they will type into the answer field. When it’s your turn, think twice! The game keeps going this way until all players had a chance to spend their share of play time as both artists and guessers. Then the first and last words are displayed – and they don’t always coincide, sometimes not in the slightest! – and the entire history of the pictures is revealed so that each participant can tear their respective sides with laughter. This is the perfect pastime for a group of friends and for the whole family. Even if you are not very good at drawing (especially if you are not good!) – welcome to Gartic Phone and have fun!

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