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Papa’s Burgeria

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In the game Papas burgeria you will have to feel like an employee in which they sell burgers. Your main task is to prepare the food. In your institution, despite the fact that the menu is mostly burgers, there are many additional options for customers. You need to take the order, take into account the customer’s wishes and prepare their meal exactly as they asked for it. Your main earnings are tips, so the closer the dish is to the customer’s wishes, the more tips the customer will leave.

How does the food preparation process work?

When placing an order, your character takes into account all the points voiced by the customer. He writes them down and on the basis of this it is already necessary to engage in cooking. In addition to the list of ingredients present in the burger, you need to take into account the level of frying of the meat and other features. In the training phase, you will be taught how to handle the equipment to take into account the cooking time, the ability to flip the food, etc. You have to do each step of cooking on your own. By tinkering with the recipe, you are required to pick vegetables, cheese and other additions to the cutlet and bun. You also have to make sure that the meat doesn’t burn. The more satisfied customers you have, the more money you will get.

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