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Gartic Phone Unblocked

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Wanna have some fun with your friends playing a real fun and wild online game? Then you just need to check out Gartic Phone unblocked! It takes all the drawing and guessing games you used to play back in college and bring them to you online, without the need to get together, fetch a big enough drawing surface and all the fuss and muss to clean up afterwards. Try it right now and see for yourself!

Draw your but off!

The gameplay is really not that tricky. Once it’s your turn to draw, you will see the word in question at the top of the screen, a while sheet of paper in the middle, and various options like pen color, size and shape on the left. Your task is to use all that to try and depict that word in the clearest way possible so that the next player can easily guess it (or not!).

While the variety of options may tempt you to draw away and make your picture as pretty as you can, you really shouldn’t go into details too much (except those that do matter for the guessing process). Otherwise you can just run out of time and your picture will be submitted as it is, unfinished and confusing! If you’re done ahead of time, you can just press the submit button and skip the wait.

Make a wild guess and even wilder!

After that, the turn is passed to another player, and you’re now in the guessing position. Just the same, this guy has to get done within a strict time limit – you can track those limits by phone rings indicating that you don’t have so much left. And when they’re ready, you will see their picture on the screen, with a type filed at the bottom to make your guess. You’ll have some time to think your answer through, but again, not a lot of time.

The game keeps going this way, with players alternating their roles, until everyone makes a shot at both drawing and guessing. Finally, you can compare the initial word and the final picture. And this is freaking hilarious! So if you’re looking for a game that’s both simple, and fun, and downright crazy to enjoy in a company of friends – or even random people – Gartic Phone unblocked is surely a way to go. Create a room right now and share the link with your buddies or join any that’s open – it’s going to be wild!

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