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The game Globle is an exciting adventure for those who think they know well the countries and cities of the world. At each stage of the game you are waiting for a riddle in the form of a certain locality. You are shown a three-dimensional display of a particular location, which you can navigate as on Google maps. The player’s task is to determine where exactly he is, for which he is allotted a few minutes. This is enough to determine the location if you know it, or to guess the approximate location, which is also allowed.

How does the gameplay work?

In each stage you are given several riddles related to a certain location. You do your best to find the right place, moving around the map looking for landmarks, exploring the streets, tracking down the species characteristic of a certain area. After the time is up, or sooner, you can answer the question, where is it? This requires you to select the appropriate point on the map. The closer your answer is to reality, the more points you get. Points allow you to get new levels and expand the geography of countries available for the game. Gradually you will open new expanses and learn new places.

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