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Doodle Jump

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The game Doodle jump belongs to the platformers genre and has a rather addictive and interesting gameplay. It is based on jumping, as you play as a constantly jumping character, climbing on hanging platforms higher and higher. It’s impossible to get to the highest point here and there is no end, but there are an infinite number of attempts and competition with yourself, as you get points for all the time you are in the air.

Game Features

When your character jumps up, he climbs up on platforms, which at the initial stage are located a large number and it is almost impossible to fall. But the higher you climb, the more difficult areas become. On them there are fragile platforms, which are destroyed when you land, you will also meet moving areas, where it is difficult to jump.
At the same time, there are bonuses in the form of springs that allow you to jump higher, as well as trampolines – for a giant jump. You can use a propeller hat to fly a significant portion. Your goal is to score as many points as possible, which will require you to climb as high as possible. You need high concentration and agility to achieve the highest possible scores.

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