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Pizza Tower

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Pizza tower game is a tribute to the era of sixteen-bit consoles, as it tries to fully replicate all aspects of the projects of those times. You play as a character who owns a pizzeria. In not the best period of the establishment’s work, his enemy sets things up so that the hero loses his place. Now you need to return the pizzeria, for which you need to get to your rival. He is in a dark castle inhabited by various monsters, so it will not be an easy journey.

What is waiting for the player?

Players are waiting for an exciting adventure with many possibilities, embodied within the framework of a two-dimensional platformer. Your character has the ability to jump, accelerate, crawl, make boosted landings and use falling objects. This is enough to overcome obstacles, break down flimsy walls, destroy enemies, search for secrets, and many other things you’ll be doing as you progress through. Here made pleasant graphics with fun animation, there is a lot of humor and there is a great musical accompaniment. Each stage is a new location, at the end of which you will face a boss battle.

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