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Papa’s Freezeria

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The game Papas freezeria is a cafe simulator. Here you will not just have to work in the institution, fulfilling the orders of visitors, and you will need to buy equipment to work. The game uses a comprehensive approach to build the development of the institution, so you need to participate in all aspects to become a profitable point and you had a lot of visitors. Many nuances are taken into account here, such as the speed and quality of order preparation, the presence of errors and so on.

What do you need to pass?

The main goal is to build a successful business. At the first stages, the player goes through training, where he is shown the basic aspects of management, equipment procurement, as well as the preparation of customer orders. After that, you will have to independently take recipes and cook according to them what the visitor ordered.
The main focus is on food preparation you will need to prepare cream, mix ingredients on a mixer, add toppings, sprinkles and other things. Some of these require precise timing or a specific dosage. You need to pay enough attention to each step, as you may under-mix the cream, whip the cream poorly, or not chop the fruit enough, which will upset the customer.

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