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Have you ever played Pictionary and Telephone as a kid? Sure, you have! Maybe even as an adult. Now there is a great online take on this classic games, one that pulls them together into one riot of madness. It’s called Gartic Phone, so get ready – you’re in for a ride of trial, error and fun!

How well can you draw?

Ideally, it will be best if you have a tablet with a pen – that is, you can draw just as if with a real pen or pencil, achieving the clearest lines and shapes to put your message across. A PC with a mouse is the next good thing, although it’s not even close in terms of maneuverability. And surely the biggest challenge and the loudest laughs will come out of trying to draw with a trackpad or your own finger on the smartphone screen – well, because we rarely draw with our fingers in real life.

And you shouldn’t get too frustrated or embarrassed if the pictures you come up with look awkward and silly – that’s the whole point of Gartic Phone! You’re not here to demonstrate your artistic talents or guess every single word (well, you are, but you can’t hope to guess them all the time), the first and utmost purpose is just to chill and have fun.

How fast can you guess?

So, once you launch Gartic Phone, you’ll be able to either join of the rooms already created in the game or create one of your own. Rooms are where a bunch of players gather for another session, and they can be either open (that is, anyone can join) or private (you’ll be required to have a special invitation link to enter). After the needed number of people pops in, the game begins.

It’s started by the host who comes up with a word to draw. There is also a function allowing you to autogenerate one if you don’t want to think for too long. This word will then be passed to the first person to draw (the turns are determined randomly). The whole interface will remind you of the good old Paint app – you have a blank virtual canvas you can draw away at, with the basic black pen by default. But if you wish, you can change its shape, color and thickness – you will find all that on the panel in the left side of the screen. Think you drew something wrong? On the right, there is the undo button.

And oh, you can’t just take the whole time in the world to finish your drawing! There is a timer in the game, and once the phone rings, your drawing will be submitted to the rest of the players automatically. So you’d better hurry up! Invite your friends and enjoy playing Gartic Phone!

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